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Only applies to domestic market Cheque printer

Dimension: 245mmx185mmx105mm
Net Weight: 2.2kg
Packaging: 4 pieces/carton
Carton Size: 520mmx300mmx345mm
Gross Weight: 11.2kg
Power source: AC110V, 60Hz or AC220V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 20W during working



Keyboard operation, fast and accurate to use
14 digits LCD display, clear and easy to check the number
Clear embossed figures and special ink protect from alteration or falsification
Number of issued checks and total amount are automatically memorized
Same amount can be printed out repeatedly, no second input needed
Typing position is free by adjusting the check
“Backspace” key to amend any incorrectly entered figures
Can be used as calculator. The calculation can be printed out immediately

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